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With our four dedicated labs Protek Staff helps businesses accelerate adoption of new technologies and orchestrate ongoing innovation


Today, every business faces the challenge of performing Digital Transformation. Whether you aim to use AR to simplify a part of your value chain, or create an IoT ecosystem with Smart Contracts, our engineers know all key tech stacks needed to help you on this way, Protek Staff has been levering emerging technologies to help our clients with impact, enterprise-wide software solutions.


A framework is a development environment, with ready-made solutions and tools, which speeds up the development process. A framework is like a semi-finished product, from which you can create a complete project. Every language has many different frameworks. There are both common ones that can be used for developing of any solution, and specialized ones for narrow tasks. Frameworks are used to develop large and complex projects with unique functionality. It is much faster and cheaper than develop in plain language.

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Designing and Developing innovative software solutions professionally for many companies across the globe to meet the end needs of customers.

Our highly dedicated team ensures on-time delivery of successful solutions tailored to the specific needs of our clients from Startups to Large Enterprises.

Problem and solution fit

We provide managed software development services to businesses that desire a comprehensive, reliable, and cost-effective approach to enterprise applications.

Product and market fit

Complete inception to the delivery, which includes project planning, execution and deployment with the state of the art infrastructure & technologies.


When a startup rises to scale level, it starts serving multiple customers segments with relevant price-points. At this stage, the project is an extensive structure with a variety of functions and integrations. Frequently, scalable projects have several modules developed in different languages. Often each module has separate tech-stack that satisfying its functionality the best.